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We welcome all of our students at the American Council for International Students (ACIS).  The United States of America ranks very high in the field of education, aspiring millions of foreign students to proceed their studies in the United States. Presently, there


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FAQ’s If you are a student looking for some answers when deciding whether or not use our services, here is where you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive in our office. We understand your desire for the best

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º Admission Guidance
º Visa Preparation
º Career Counseling
º ESL Program assistance
º Scholarships and assistantships
º Group Management
º Pre-departure briefings
º Undergraduate and Graduate course help

What our customers say:

After contacting ACIS, I received an immediate response to my questions about application timelines and fees. Within one week, they had already found me a University in the state of my choosing. The student advisors are always respectful of my information and provided me with excellent service. The entire process took less than a month to complete. Because they have contracts with schools across the United States, there is not a long wait for results. I recommend ACIS to all my friends and colleagues!

-Rajit Singh PhD Bioengineering

The American Council for International Students serves the international student body across the US in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner. My interaction with their student advisors has always been pleasant and their expertise in the field of international academia is extensive.

Joy Crowley International Admissions, MTSU