Higher Education is one of the few areas where this country competes with the rest of the world and wins.  The best of American Higher Education outstrips any in the world.  Look where the rest of the world goes for higher education, for graduate degrees. They come here.
        -Donna Shalala

Who are we?

Established in 2012, American Council for International Students is an educational consultancy with a current network of 13 offices all over the world. Our expert team of advisors coupled with our philosophy The Student Comes First leads to all prospective students engaging with ACIS to put them in a position to make an informed decision regarding their studies.  Students are supported throughout their application process- from filing an application and applying for visas to getting assistance in choosing the best courses or programs to take.  International students also benefit from ACIS pre-departure services, such as accommodation placement and airport pick up.  For foreign students seeking sound advise on study options in the United States, ACIS is the ideal choice.

       The American Council for International Students possesses excellent credentials that provides value-based services to both international institutes and aspiring students in the United States. We support students in achieving their desired goals by being innovative, pro active and giving timely response services. ACIS has the belief of educating students through quality international education. Our advisers live by a strict code of ethics and a set of values that are not merely etched in stone but are woven into the very fabric of the organization.


Our Mission

Guiding students to the best possible schools, enabling them to build their future

Providing quality, ethical, and professional services to our students and staff alike

Assisting students through the admission process while arranging any accommodations


Our Vision

To be the guiding and motivational stepping stone for all procedures involved with students’ goals in reaching a quality international education