If you are a student looking for some answers when deciding whether or not use our services, here is where you will find the most frequently asked questions we receive in our office.

We understand your desire for the best education. Let ACIS provide assurance through the application process and award you with professional services.


How do I submit my application to ACIS?

Submit an application by clicking here.   Students can email, fax, or stop by our San Diego office once the application is complete.

Once I turn my application, how long for a response from a school?

Time may vary depending on the school and their admission deadlines.  At non-peak times, we can expect a response in 7 days.  During peak times we may take up to 30 days to get a response.  Per our contract with students, we guarantee admissions into a school within 45 days.

How long does the admission process take?

On average, the process takes ACIS approximately 3 weeks to deliver full or conditional admission

Am I able to get full or conditional admission to my school?

Every school we apply to has English Language Standards. If a student did not attend a US institution prior to applying or did not a attend an international school where English is the primary language, then a satisfactory TOEFL or IELTS score is required. Some students can skip the English Language Tests but will receive conditional admissions only and must complete course in English first before starting their programs. Terms and rules vary by each US school.

What does my application fee cover?

Every application covers any school admission fees, cancellation fees, postage, and labor costs. Each application is thoroughly reviewed and we always aim to achieve your dream of studying in the US.

My English is not very good, are there advisors at ACIS who speak different languages?

Yes, we have multi-lingual advisors who can talk to students in their native language.

What is conditional admission?

Most of our students require conditional admissions since they do not meet the English requirements or they have taken the GRE or GMAT for Graduate school. When this happens, your admission is “conditional” based upon satisfying specific requirements prior to full admission. Once these requirements for college or university admission are fulfilled, you are able to fully matriculate. These requirements will be outlined on your Conditional Letter of Admission, and your selected ELS center will assist you in completing all of the necessary requirements for matriculation. You and your family can be assured that you will be able to achieve a US education through this process.

What does full admission mean?

Full admission is when a student has completed all necessary University requirements and is granted a Letter of Admission from the school. The ACIS team works very hard in seeking full admissions to desired schools when  students qualify for this type of admission.

What degrees can I get through ACIS?

We help students achieve Associate of Arts (AA), Bachelor of Arts (BS), Bachelor of Science (BS), Masters of Arts (MA), Masters of Science (MS), and Doctorate (PhD) degrees.

What is an ESL program?

English as a Second Language is a program that is aimed to improve a student’s English reading, writing, and listening skills.  Many schools require ESL certification prior to admission.

Do I have to take the TOEFL or IELTS test?

There are numerous US schools throughout the nation that require a minimum TOEFL or IELTS score.  It is highly recommended to students that they take one of these tests prior to turning in an ACIS application.  If a student has not taken these tests, they may only receive Conditional Admissions. This is not always the case, however.

What is the GMAT and GRE?

These are tests that are almost always required for admittance into Graduate Schools (Masters through PhD).  For instance, if a student is looking to get into a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) school, an acceptable GMAT score is a requirement when applying to schools.