What We Offer

Career Counseling

At ACIS, we believe that understanding and assessing students’ personal requirements will enhance their chances in receiving an American education.  Therefore, ACIS prides itself on one-on-one sessions to offer educational guidance. We keep in mind the personal viewpoints of students as well as the landscape of US educations to help make quality career choices.

Admission Guidance

ACIS assists students in completing the admissions process from start to finish. Our expert student advisors are equipped with the knowledge to perform at the highest level, giving students the best possible chance for admission.  Our advisors work diligently to pre-assess and pre-qualify applications, as well as provide training on Statements of Purpose, Resumes, and references.  At ACIS, we have solidified strong working relationships with select institutions across the nation to guarantee fast and accurate admissions.

Visa Assistance

We help our students through the entire processing of Visa documentation.  From filling application forms to obtaining financial information, we collect all the right documents to make this process as easy as can be.

English Language Tests

We help students with obtaining necessary materials to take either the TOEFL or IELTS exams.  ACIS books and arranges test dates for all students, as well as guiding them through the online application.


Our advisors guide and assist students with different types of hospitality arrangement to fit one’s needs and budgetary constraints.

College Selection

ACIS provide’s in depth information on courses, geography, and college rankings.  We take students’ work background, personal goals, and education track record to select the institution that best serves them.

Pre Departure Briefings

ACIS organizes pre departure briefings and sessions for it’s students. We feel this is one of the most important aspects of the admission process as we get to share information about a students’ new destination, new culture, and do’s and dont’s.  These sessions allow students to get comfortable in the new environment and help us prepare for the future.

Travel Help

ACIS provides assistance with the booking of flights, car rentals, and any other logistical information. Our strategic tips allow for ideal rates on all travel assistance.